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em: 08 de Fevereiro de 2008, 14:42
Não sei se isto já tinha sido aqui falado...

Betfair Pays Out - Software Glitch Revealed
Jan 15th, 2008

Between 3 AM and 6 AM this morning, a glitch was discovered on Betfair Poker.

The Sit 'n Go payouts developed a glitch immediately after the site ran a software upgrade. Betfair's "6-Pack" Sit 'n Go's were not only paying the top two places, but also ALL the remaining entrants; all entrants were being paid 2nd place money, regardless of where they placed.

Obviously, it did not take long for players to realize what was happening - groups quickly filled all the highest buy-in Sit 'n Go's and began to go all-in every hand. An organized effort was established with a small group of twenty players exploiting the glitch, and as the night progressed, others quickly realized the situation and began to profit as well.
Betfair finally became aware of the problem around 6 AM. One report estimates the losses at over $1.7 million pounds, making this quite a fiasco for Betfair.

Many players who took advantage of the glitch instantly, withdrew their newfound wealth via Paypal. Paypal has frozen many accounts, but some players were able to cash out and escape with their ill gotten gains prior to being discovered.
This information was linked on the Betfair forums in a few threads, but at last check, they have been removed by management, leaving the public to wonder if Betfair is attempting to hide the scandal.

Artigo interessante que encontrei num blogue sobre apostas relativamente a esse caso...

On the small matter of collusion in online poker

What are the issues raised by the Betfair Poker Scandal?

Firstly, there is the question of collusion and just how endemic it is in the poker industry.

Many poker companies, through forums and sponsored events, foster a community amotsphere, whereby players on their websites often become close intimate pals. This, it has been alleged to us, often leads to the sharing of "knowledge" during poker games, with information typically being shared using MSN Messenger. Collusion of this type, may extend to a situation, whereby players will reveal their hands to each other, so as to stiff an innocent third party. This is of course cheating, pure and simple, and is therefore a matter for the UK's Gambling Commission; or indeed, the other respective gambling authorities.

We have been told that this practice takes places on many of the leading poker tables and it is actually difficult to see how it can be stopped.

Then there is the question of what crime was actually committed by the Betfair Scandal players?

Section 1 of the 1996 Theft Act amends Section 15 of the 1968 Act by introducing, as section 15A, the new offence of obtaining a money transfer by deception. The new offence involves a money transfer, which it defines as occurring when a debit of money is made to one account, a credit of money is made to another and the two transactions are causally linked. It is declared to be immaterial in particular whether the amount credited and the amount debited are the same, whether or not there is a delay in the process by which the money is transferred, whether either of the accounts involved is overdrawn before or after the money transfer is effected and whether the money transfer is by cheque or by any other method.

Section 2 provides for a new offence of dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit, which becomes section 24A of the 1968 Act. A person will be guilty of this offence if he or she knows, or believes that a wrongful credit has been made to his or her account or to an account in which he or she has an interest ( for example, a joint bank account ) and dishonestly fails to take action to cancel that credit. At most, it could be said that the person who knowingly receives a mistaken credit transfer and who retains it commits a section 1 theft. A person who dishonestly handles cash drawn from an account which has been credited in circumstances amounting to an offence under section 24A can be convicted of handling stolen goods.

If D1 were to obtain a transfer of funds from another's, V's, account by way of knowinly practising a deception, e.g. by exploiting a glitch in a bank's cash machine software, then not only will D1 be guilty of forgery, but also of obtaining a money transfer by deception, contrary to section 15A of the 1968 Act. If D1 retains the amount in his account, he also commits the offence of dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit, contrary to section 24A.

It is in the best interest of all parties that the money is returned to Betfair, not least, because any Court action would be likely to lift the lid on the unsavoury matter of collusion in online poker. And lifting the lid on what is a very unseemly practice indeed, may be enough to kill the online poker industry stone dead overnight.

Our source, who spoke on the grounds that they remained nameless, told us;

"People were quick to condemn Absolute Poker, when its poker scandal broke. However, it was all a bit two faced, as anybody who is anybody in the online poker world, knows that collusion takes place at various levels. The people who do it, may think it is a bit of fun, but it is of course cheating, with an economic cost to those players that are not party to the fact that it is going on. It is a question of, you sit at a table and think that you have five separate opponents, when in reality you may only have one."


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em: 08 de Fevereiro de 2008, 14:45

Que bronca. Vou ter de ler isto melhor :shock:
"A running world is a peaceful world."
"A sporting world is an enjoyable world."

Eliud Kipchoge in  Laureus'19


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